Euring Curvatrici has been a leading company in the design, manufacture and sale of universal bending machines for over 40 years.

Our range of products includes bending machines with manual and hydraulic positioning, with two or three drawing rollers, with decimal and digital quota readout and CNC.

Our machines can be used mainly in the construction of:

iron and aluminium window and door frames, gates, banisters, handrails, winding staircases, false ceilings, garden chairs and furniture, furnishings for coffee-bars and shops, industrial and traffic signs, heat exchangers, flanges for any kind of use, monorails and rails, bottling machines, carrousels, advertising signs, bus-windows, greenhouses, silos, roll-bars, bumpers for cars and lorries, boat awnings and stanchions, portholes, armoured doors, street lighting installations, coils, parabolic antennas, accident-preventive protections for machine tools, seats for cinemas and theatres, reservoirs and many other uses.

The modern Cad Cam technologies are used for designing and the production of the components is carried out in the modern, high-technology centres.

Before any shipment, all the bending machines are inspected and tested in order to verify their compliance with the requirements of the 89/392 EEC, 89/336 EEC Machinery Directive “electromagnetic compatibility” and 73/23 EEC “low tension”.

Our machines are available all over the world through a wide net of authorised retailers who can offer you qualified technical advice as well as pre and post-sale assistance.

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